HODL Consulting was founded in 2022 by Houssen ISSOUF ALY, chartered accountant and Web3 accountant.

HODL Consulting assists small and medium-sized businesses in all sectors of activity, with a strong appetite for technology, including everything related to the web3 ecosystem.

HODL Consulting's "tailor-made" approach allows us to offer an unprecedented customer experience and financial expertise to allow our customers to focus on the development of their activities.


Our values

Customer Centric

customer satisfaction is our top priority


on the different channels (email, WhatsApp, TG, Discord), but also, benefit from an access to a unique interlocutor


because it is not normal that our customer waits more than 48 hours for an appointment or an answer to his request



Founder Partner



  • Master degree in Comptabilité Contrôle Audit (CCA), at Université du Maine, Le Mans
  • Master degree in DSCG
  • Chartered Accountant Degree (DEC)
    • Subject of the thesis: « Assistance by the CPA of a private investor in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) »
  • #CPA #Crypto-accountant #DeFi Enthusiast

Houssen ISSOUF ALY began his career at Crowe Fidelio where he worked on various projects, all activities combined within the International Business Services division. Subsequently, he joined the firm VM International Audit & Consulting where he took charge of a client portfolio composed mainly of French subsidiaries of foreign groups. He had the opportunity to work on issues including transfer pricing, support for the implementation of foreign companies in France, training in French accounting for foreign accounting teams. In 2017, he discovered crypto assets. After spending hundreds of hours on Blockchain technology and the WEB3 ecosystem (NFT, P2E, Metavers, DAO), he decided in 2022 to found the firm HODL Consulting, which specializes in supporting entrepreneurs evolving the WEB3.


Yes. 50% of our clients have no connection with these ecosystems. Our firm supports small and medium-sized companies in all sectors. For example, we have clients in the retail and wholesale sectors, real estate, services, and tech.

We offer customized services, so our fees depend on your needs. Our firm accepts payments in euros, but also in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDC).

Crypto-accounting requires know-how that is not yet available to all accountants. It’s important to exchange with a professional who understand the language and codes specific to web3, but also a team that knows how to analyze your business to better guide you in your decisions.

  • A technical analysis of your cryptocurrency transactions and its proper bookeeping
  • A financial support on your projects of launching an NFT drop, acquisition of land in a metaverse....
  • An assistance in your fundraising on digital assets

Our firm can assist at different levels:

  • Through training, for a company with no knowledge of the sector
  • By assisting in the first steps (wallet creation, security and governance issues...)
  • By auditing a DeFi protocol selected beforehand by the client (audit outside smart-contract)

The establishment of a foreign company in France can be done by creating a legal structure ranging from the simplest to the most complex, from the most dependent on the original entity to the most independent. The choice will depend on several criteria. Below are the different solutions:

  • The liaison office
  • The branch office
  • The subsidiary

Yes, each country has its own rules. Our firm can travel or train your teams remotely to complete the courses they lack so that they can ensure the respect of deadlines and the compliance of your financial statements with French legislation.

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